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蘋果公布年度Design Awards入圍名單,《傾聽畫語》入圍「視覺與圖形」獎項
Design Awards入圍名單總計分為6個項目類別

在下週即將舉辦年度開發者大會WWDC 2022之前,蘋果公布今年度的Design Awards入圍名單,其中由曉數碼台灣子公司Akatsuki Taiwan發行、曙光工作室 (Silver Lining Studio)開發的《傾聽畫語》入圍「視覺與圖形」 (Visuals and Graphics)獎項。


Design Awards入圍名單總計分為6個項目類別,分別為「喜悅與樂趣」 (Delight and Fun)、「互動性」 (Interaction)、「社會影響」 (Social Impact)、「視覺與圖形」 (Visuals and Graphics)、「創新」 (Innovation),以及「包容性」 (Inclusivity),每個項目類別各入圍6款app。


蘋果期望透過Design Awards入圍名單與獎項,鼓勵更多開發者運用蘋果旗下技術與開發資源創造更多實用,或是能改變世界、社會互動的應用服務內容。


「喜悅與樂趣」 (Delight and Fun)

•《Chineasy》 by Chineasy

•《Montage》 by Optillusion

•《(Not Boring) Habits》 by Andy Works

•《Overboard!》 by ankle

•《Please, Touch The Artwork》 by Studio Waterloo

•《Water Llama》 by Vitalii Mogylevets


「互動性」 (Interaction)

•《A Musical Story》 by Glee-Cheese Studio

•《Gibbon: Beyond the Trees》 by Broken Rules

•《Slopes》 by Breakpoint Studio

•《Transit》 by Transit, Inc.

•《Vectornator: Vector Design》 by Linearity

•《What Remains of Edith Finch》 by Giant Sparrow


「社會影響」 (Social Impact)

•《Active Arcade》 by Nex

•《Empathy》 by The Empathy Project

•《Gibbon: Beyond the Trees》 by Broken Rules

•《Headspace》 by Headspace Health

•《Rebel Girls》 by Rebel Girls

•《Wylde Flowers》 by Studio Drydock


「視覺與圖形」 (Visuals and Graphics)

•《Alien: Isolation》 by Feral Interactive

•《Behind the Frame》 by Silver Lining Studio under Akatsuki Taiwan

•《Halide Mark II》 by Lux Optics

•《Lego Star Wars: Castaways》 by Gameloft

•《MD Clock》 by Hangzhou Midi Technology Co.

•《(Not Boring) Habits》 by Andy Works


「創新」 (Innovation)

•《Active Arcade》 by Nex

•《Focus Noodles》 by ideaTiny Co.

•《Marvel Future Revolution》 by Netmarble

•《Odio》 by Volst

•《Procreate》 by Savage Interactive

•《Townscaper》 by Oskar Stalberg


「包容性」 (Inclusivity)

•《Letter Rooms》 by Klemens Strasser

•《Navi》 by Good Snooze

•《Noted.》 by Digital Workroom Ltd

•《Procreate》 by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

•《tint.》 by Lykkegaard Europe Limited

•《Wylde Flowers》 by Studio Drydock Pty Ltd


楊又肇 (Mash Yang)